Noelle Licor

For Hillsborough
County Commission District 4

Where I Stand

Noelle Licor -
I am grateful for all the amazing people who I have had the pleasure of meeting along this interesting journey and the friendships that have been made.
Thank you to my family, friends and volunteers for all the hard work and support! I am pretty impressed with how well we did with no campaign experience and little money.
We knew that the odds were stacked against this campaign from the beginning. We knew that we would be up against developers and special interest money but we fought the fight anyways!
I am 100% ready for the next one.
Save those signs! I will be filing this spring for the 2024 race for the D4 seat.

Urban Sprawl Costs Us All

Urban sprawl is the unrestricted development of housing over large sections of land, with little concern for urban planning.
Urban Sprawl has been occurring in the South and East part of Hillsborough County for several years now and has negatively affected the rural areas as well as the urban areas.


We need 31 new schools in the next 15 years in South Hillsborough County alone. Currently, most of our school are over capacity.
Hillsborough County needs about 25 new fire stations right now, with the biggest need being in South Hillsborough County. 
Almost ALL of our roads in Hillsborough County are substandard and many are dangerous. It is time to increase funding for infrastructure and do so without raising taxes.

Water Woes

South Hillsborough County has been designated a Water Use Caution Area by the Southwest Florida Water Management District.
Water Use Caution Area, or WUCA, is an area where regional action is necessary to address cumulative water withdrawals which are causing or may cause adverse impacts to the water and related natural resources or the public interest. 

South Hillsborough County has been placed on water restrictions for two years. We are running out of drinking water from the aquifer and many residents are suffering with low water pressure.

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